Hands off 14


(informal) Keep your hands off or do not interfere; leave that alone.---Used as a command.

  1. QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS. - JEFF.IN COD 64-0823E 1029-Q-300 080 300.

So I'd just commit it to the Lord. Say, "Now, Lord, when Your time for us to sell it, You'll send a buyer." Then it's committed to the Lord, take your hands off it and go ahead. I believe it'll work.

  2. HARVEST.TIME. - PHOENIX.AZ V-18 N-6 64-1212 218 081

Oh, you're very popular as long as you stay away from that Word. But you get in that Word one time, watch who's going to cooperate with you then. See? Watch what comes out then. We're going to get to this in another stage of nature, in a moment. See, watch who wants you then; nobody does. "Oh, hands off of that."


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