Welcome mat 15


A mat for wiping your shoes on, often with the word “welcome” on it, that is placed in front of a door.

  1. ELISHA.THE.PROPHET. - CHICAGO.IL 56-1002E E-50 050

I can see her walking out through that little rose garden, down the little path, over to the little corner, open up the door. The welcome mat she steps over, where this man of God had stepped over, and laid the little fellow down, got Elijah's pillow, where that holy man of God had laid, and stuck it back under his little head, and put a little blanket up over his face.


a warm welcome: a friendly greeting.

  1. GOD'S.SERVANT.JOB. - PHOENIX.AZ 55-0223 E-68 068

And He laid out the welcome mat to me to come home. "Whosoever will, let him come and drink from the fountains of the waters of Life freely. He that comes I will in no wise cast out."


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