Face lift 10


plastic surgery to remove wrinkles or sagging skin from the face. In this case, polish or do something to improve the appearance

  1. RISING.OF.THE.SUN_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-12 SUNDAY_ 65-0418M17-3

There was the first Sheaf come up from all the prophets which was the Son of God, the King of all prophets. There has been churches, churches, brides, brides, churches, brides, brides, but there's got to come One. Hallelujah. There has to come a real Bride. There must come One that's not only got the mechanics, but the Dynamics of It, makes that church live, move in the power of His resurrection. Until we come to that place, until we find that place, what good does it do to polish the hubs? What good does it do to give her a face-lift or a simonize job, when there's no Dynamics in it?


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