He raised up in Paris


the Devil set up his headquarters there.


You worship these movies stars and all these other different things out here. Remember the sermon I preached (Margie, you remember it.) years ago on the invasion of the United States and overthrow the American Government? And how that I said he raised up in Paris after we saved them over there from that women, wine, and big time, and he lit right down in Hollywood. Now, instead of us sending to Paris to get models, they send here to get models.

  2. INVASION.OF.THE.USA_ JEFF.IN V-26 N-1 SUNDAY_ 54-0509 158

Women, wine, debauchery, sin and filth to the gills...Then what did they do? What happened? Here's where we started. The Devil set up his headquarters there. There's where he started, right there, to demoralize the world from Paris, France.


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