Went to the bench 24


also, "sworn to the bench"; the act or ceremony of being received into the position of a judge; "the bench" - the Judge's seat in court; a single judge may be called "the bench" or a group of judges may be called "the bench".


He said, "One time when I was practicing law," said, "I went down and I heard a few cases tried." And said, "When I heard the cases, I watched the emotions the attorneys went through." And said, "When I tried my first case, after I was sworn to the bench," he said, "I took off my coat. And it was a lady I was defending."

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When we started to open the Seven Seals--or the church ages, rather, just prior to the opening of the Seven Seals, Christ was standing with hair like wool, white; and I described that to you that the old English judges and judges of long ago, when they went to the bench to be sworn in, their supreme authority was given them; they wore a white wig.


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