Fed up with someone (on something) 6


(informal) to have enough of something or someone; to be tired of/bored by something unpleasant or tedious; exasperated with something or someone.

  1. TOKEN.THE. - BAKF.CA V-22 N-8 64-0208 9 005

All that He had did, yet they would not repent. They would not come to God. They ignored all of His signs. They ignored His prophet. They ignored the message. They wanted their own way. So God had been fed up with them. So He said, "I'm going to make a separation now between those who do believe and those who do not believe."

  2. REPROACH.FOR.THE.WORD. - JEFF.IN V-2 N-16 62- 1223 3-3 008

Finally, I just got fed up on it. And I was way smaller than this man, was supposed to be like my father. So I walked up to him, and put my finger in his face, and I said, "Don't strike her again."


Brother Branham is also using this expression as to mean “feed on (or upon) , that is, “filled up; to take as food; be nourished by; to get satisfaction, support, etc. from”.

  1. REDEMPTION. - SAN.FERNANDO.CA 55-1119 E-30 030

And coming down, he was just having a good time, all vitamin filled up. You know, that's the way a good church is, when it's all fed up with the Word, and when the Holy Ghost really goes to falling. You know, they go jumping around a little.


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