Get/have something off one's chest 6


freedom from a burden: say something that one has wanted to say for some time but was reluctant to, and has kept it to himself.

  1. INFLUENCES. - TULARE.CA V-22 N-13 64-0215 76 035

Now, the vision at the temple, at the temple, he went down when he found out that... Isaiah seen that Hezekiah, what had happened to him. And then he'd died, and there'd been (I mean Uzziah.)... And he'd been taken away to the leper camp, and his son had to reign in his place. And there Isaiah got kinda fed up. So he went down to the temple one day to kinda get the thing off of his chest.

  2. AS.I.WAS.WITH.MOSES. - JEFF.IN V-16 N-2 60-0911M 226 088

How many believes that this is the will of God? Oh, Something just makes me feel I done right. It's off my chest. It's been on there for twelve years, knowing there's been something wrong, Brother Lee. Now, I know it's off of there. I've said it; it's taped, and it's off of my chest now.


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