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Armistice/Armistice Day
  1. November 11th; anniversary of that date in 1918 when the Allies granted an armistice (a mutual agreement to cease war, a truce) to the Central Powers in World War 1.
As cool as a cucumber
  1. as calm and controlled as one could be at a time of upset, difficulty or danger.
As plain as the nose on your/my face
  1. so obvious that one can't miss it; not to be overlooked; easy to guess; very evident.
As true/sure as I'm standing here
  1. without a doubt; for certain; the truth. It's used to emphasize that something is certain or true without any doubt.
At a standstill
  1. not moving at all, at a halt.
At ease
  1. relaxed; comfortable in one's surroundings or situations.
At every turn
  1. at every opportunity; always and everywhere; whatever one does.
At face value
  1. just as it says; as it is written; the value printed or written on a note; as things appear to be on the surface.
At first sight
  1. when seen/considered for the first time.
At hand
  1. is about to happen/on the verge of happening; near; close by.
At heart
  1. basically, as one really is by nature.
At his throat
  1. criticizing: to criticize a person
At large
  1. free; not confined; (a prisoner) escaped and still free: be like a wanted criminal in hiding: escaped and looking for a place to hide.
  2. In general; taken altogether.
  3. Fully, in great detail.
At odds
  1. disagreeing; quarreling.
At once
  1. Right away; without delay; right now or right then; immediately. (Remark: it is possible that in some cases it could mean "to do something together---in unison").
At random
  1. haphazardly, without a deliberate choice or intention; as one wills or chooses
At stake
  1. being risked or hazarded, or dependent upon the outcome (of something specified or implied); the subject is on the verge of being lost or forfeited; it is in danger.
At the drop of a hat
  1. Without advance preparation; immediately.
At the end of one's wit
  1. one has exhausted every possibility, don't know what to do next.
At the helm
  1. in charge/command, as leader.
At the top of one's voice
  1. at the highest degree or pitch; very loudly.
At the/a crossroads
  1. at a crisis; a turning point where a decision has to be made.
At/to/in a ripe old age
  1. fully prepared; mature : ready; at/to a very old age.
  1. characteristics
  1. Boldness; daring; exhibiting a fearless spirit.
Aunt Jemima
  1. An affectionate name for an older black or coloured Mother
Aunt Jemima pancakes
  1. A popular brand of pancake mix.
Ax (or axe) to grind
  1. A private or selfish motive behind a request or action, something which is not obvious at first glance.

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