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Nail down
  1. To make certain; make sure; settle.
Naked eye, The
  1. without the help of a microscope, telescope, etc.
Naked truth,The
  1. the plain truth, which may be unpleasant: the truth spoken plainly without any embellishment.
  1. Not nice; always denotes, in the United States, something disgusting in point of smell, taste, or even moral character, and is never heard, as in England-when they will say, for instance, “nasty weather”---merely in the sense of "unpleasant".
  1. (expression of approval) orderly; well kept; tidy.
Needle in a haystack
  1. something difficult to see amongst a large number of other things.
  1. Roman Emperor
Never mind
  1. forget about it: don't worry about it .(Used to make someone feel better when something bad but not that important has happened).
New lease of life
  1. a renewed strength.
Next (first) thing (I knew, you know),The
  1. (used when someone tells a story and wants to say that something happened suddenly and was surprising) 1. suddenly. 2).Before I (you) realized what was happening.
Next (of) kin, The
  1. (formal) (often used in official forms/documents) Closest relative.
Next man,The
  1. Anyone else: any man.
Nicaea/Nicaean Council
  1. A city located in the country of Turkey, formerly ancient Bithynia, in Asia Minor, where in 325 A.D., the first Council of Nicaea was held for the purpose of defining the questions raised in the Arian controversy. The second council assembled in 787 A.D. for the purpose of reconsidering the subject of Images.
No-count Gentile
  1. Of little worth or importance
Not hold a candle to someone/something
  1. It couldn't possibly be better; It can't be compared.
Not know enough to come in out of the rain
  1. lacking common sense; show no sound, practical judgment.
Not know what you are missing
  1. not realize how good, amusing, interesting, etc something is because you have never tried it.
Not mince your words
  1. speak openly or directly: say what you think, even though you may offend someone.
Not the only pebble on the beach
  1. not the only person who is important or who should be considered.
  1. a person or matter difficult to deal with.

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