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R. O. T. C.
  1. Reserve Officer Training Corp. Military training that young men and/or women at 16 years of Age have available to participate in during high school that would prepare them to enter the United States military at age 18. This program prepares them for educational purposes or military combat training.
Rabbit foot
  1. the left hind foot of a rabbit carried as a good luck charm
Rabbit in the woodpile
  1. something is not right; refers here to a person out of place. Unruly- (not in subjection to church order)
Rabbit knows about snowshoes/Hottentot knows about Egyptian Knight
  1. to have no knowledge of something or someone. To have no understanding."They have no understanding of God"
Ragged kid
  1. poorly dressed child wearing worn, shabby clothes.
  1. common weeds. (often the cause of allergies)
Rake over the coals
  1. To criticize someone sharply
Rally around
  1. to come together for a common purpose.
  2. gather in groups to talk.
  1. a wild course or path of destruction
Rank and file
  1. the enlisted component of the army, as contrasted with the officers; the ordinary members of a group/organization especially a trade union, political party, business, company etc. (originally a military term, the designation comes from the fact that ordinary soldiers are required to muster in ranks---drawn up side by side---and in files---one behind the other. Obviously, the leaders-officers-are not required to assemble in such group formations).
  1. See "Rashel".
  1. unreasonable; "irrational"; forceful; straightforward; emphatic.
Rat (as a hair piece)
  1. A small pad used in a woman's hair to make the hair look thicker.
Rat race
  1. a frantic, competitive struggle to be better than others, e.g. in business, social prestige, professional status.
Razor-back hog
  1. a wild or semiwild hog of the southern United States, with a slender body, a ridged back, and long legs.
Read between the lines
  1. understand or sense more than the actual words say; have insight into a situation.
Read someone's mind (be a mind reader)
  1. know what someone is really thinking (be someone who knows what others are thinking.
  1. One who stood for the cause of the Southern United States during the Civil War (1775-1783. The army in the South during that time known as "The Rebel Army". Sometimes, in a political way, refers to anyone who lives in the South.
  2. to resist authority.
  1. (Old English). To think or suppose; to calculate; to conjecture; to form a judgment. The Southern equivalent of the Northern “guess” and the New England “calculate”. This word is still provincial in some counties of the North of England, in sense of to think, to believe, etc. is a survival of an old English usage “For I reckon that the sufferings of this time…(Romans 8:18)”.
  1. A written or printed report made for the purpose of preserving memory or authentic evidence of facts or events.
Red cent
  1. the smallest copper coin, the equivalent of the English “copper farthing”.
Red letter day, A
  1. an important or joyful occasion which one looks forward to or remembers with pleasure.
Red tape
  1. Official, bureaucratic formalities and procedures which slow down people and processes.
  1. a porter at an airport or at a railroad station.
  1. a prodigal son; disobedient and stubborn
Return to the fold
  1. come back to a group or community (especially a religious or a political society, or even a family).
  1. plants with large leaves and fleshy, acid leaf stalks used as food. Common usage is for pies or fruit sauce.
  1. a puzzling question
Ride (jump, get, climb) on the bandwagon
  1. To support a group or a cause that appears to be gaining in success or popularity, and this for one or two reasons: to join the crowd or to reap personal gain.
Ride herd on
  1. To patrol on horseback around a herd of animals to see that none of them wanders away.
  2. (informal) To watch closely and control; take care of.

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