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Sacred Sands
  1. A secret place of retreat where one has experienced a life change in the personal presence of God.
Sacrifice block; Altar
  1. a raised platform where sacrifices or offerings are made.
  1. the act of profaning anything sacred or holy.
Saint Vitus' dance
  1. Also called "Chorea". a nervous affection characterized by involuntary muscular twitching.
  1. Bro. Branham uses the word "salamander" to describe a wood burning stove. Refers to anything that can stand great heat.
Salt of the earth
  1. a phrase taken from Matthew 5:13; an expression used when referring to someone who is admired for their honesty and reliability.
Salt, An old
  1. an experienced seaman.
Same bucket
  1. just like everyone else; you're all together.
  1. The "Alcoholics Anonymous" organization dedicated to assisting individuals in overcoming addiction to alcohol.
Santa Claus
  1. a fictitious figure of folklore, a fat, jolly old man in a red suit who supposedly lives at the north pole, makes toys for children and distributes them at Christmastime.
Sauce of the goose - gander
  1. What pertains to one also pertains to the other. What is good for one person is also good for another.
Save for a rainy day, To
  1. To save for a time of need, especially a time when one may really need money.
Sawing old fiddle
  1. playing the violin or "fiddle" as it is referred to when played to accompany some forms of dancing.
Say a mouthful,To
  1. To say something of great importance or meaning; to say more by a few words than the words themselves usually mean (used in the past tense)..
Scandal skirt
  1. a woman's skirt with a split that caused the undergarment to be seen; tending to cause shock, disgrace or offence to the moral feelings of others.
Scare crow
  1. anything set up in a field to scare birds away from crops or gardens.
Scare the daylights out of
  1. (informal) to frighten very much.
Scare the liver out of
  1. (same meaning as “to scare the daylights out of”. to frighten very much
  1. go away quickly
  1. an animal or bird that feeds on dead, decaying flesh, as the buzzard.
  1. poor-looking; diseased-looking; scabby-looking
Scorches the shorts
  1. condemns the wearing of shorts
Scraping board
  1. Used after a hog was killed, scalded, and placed in position. A scraping tool was then used to remove the hair.
  1. mixed up condition
  1. doubt or uncertainty regarding a question of moral right or duty; Mixed up.
Scum of the earth,The
  1. a group of people thought to be worthless, evil or completely without good qualities.
Seal of approval, A
  1. the formal support or approval of a person or organization.
Search one's heart
  1. (Formal) To study your reasons and acts; try to discover if you have been fair and honest; to check your intentions; to check yourself spiritually and see if there is anything out of balance in your spiritual life.
Second thought
  1. further thoughts on a matter which lead to a changed decision or opinion; to doubt or have misgivings.
Section gang
  1. a crew of men who do the maintenance work on a railroad section.

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