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Odds and ends
  1. small articles of no great importance or value, bits and pieces; small projects.
Of no account
  1. not considered important.
Of the old school
  1. old-fashioned thinking/standards/code of behavior, as opposed to modern thinking etc.
Off at the head
  1. not mentally stable.
Off one's high horse
  1. Not acting proud and scornful: humble and agreeable.
  2. Acting friendly again: not angry and unpleasant anymore: agreeable.
Off the (her) rocker
  1. shook off of a comfortable position.
Off the beam
  1. off the right path or road.
Off the phone
  1. not connected any further to those people who were listening to the service by way of a telephone hook-up.
Off the record
  1. (information) told in confidence, unofficial: not for publication.
Off-color or off-colored
  1. not quite true. (A dirty joke is sometimes referred to as “off-colored”).
Old fogey/fogy
  1. (usually disapproving) disrespectful description of an elderly person or a narrow-minded one who is out of touch with modern thinking. "old fogey stuff" is "old fashioned stuff".
Old train in blocks now (The)
  1. In railroading, a length of track governed by signals. The train is ready to go.
  1. Almighty. Not limited in authority or power
  1. being everywhere present at the same time,
  1. all-knowing, Having infinite knowledge.
On (the) edge
  1. nervous, worried or anxious.
On account of someone/something
  1. because of someone/something.
On all fours
  1. with your knees, toes and hands on the floor.
On every hand
  1. on all sides; in every direction.
On his toes
  1. to be alert.
On relay
  1. the lights are set to go on or off at a pre-set time.
On the carpet
  1. be reprimanded, be criticized, usually by someone in authority, because they think you may have done something wrong.
On the dot
  1. on time, punctual(ly), precisely.
On the edge of the/your seat
  1. to have your complete attention captivated by something that is very interesting to you; tensely watching or listening.
On the level
  1. honest and fair: telling the whole truth. In the following quote, the definition might rather include: “to drop down to one's level, state, or condition”.
On the loose, Be
  1. At liberty; at large; unconfined.
  2. (be) enjoying a period of freedom from your normal life or usual rules or restrictions.
On the mark
  1. exact
On the other hand
  1. looking at the other side: from another point of view. --- Used to introduce an opposite or different fact or idea.
On the plane
  1. "on the plane with Jesus" - in agreement with Jesus; of the same mind as Jesus.
On the run
  1. (of an escaped prisoner, criminal, etc) be running away or hiding from the police.
  2. (of an enemy, opponent, etc) being defeated or retreating.
  3. Be very busy or active.

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