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Ladies's man/Lady's man
  1. A male of any age who is charming and courtly to, and grooms himself to please, the ladies; one who pursues women politely and with success.
  1. Cutting with knives
Landslide [victory]
  1. many more than the majority voted for the person; an overwhelming success.
Lard can
  1. lard - the fat of hogs, melted down and clarified and kept in a can for cooking purposes.
Last but not least
  1. in the last place but not the least important.
Last resort
  1. a thing you decide to do when everything else has failed.
Latter Rain Brethren
  1. Refers to the group of brethren who gathered in Battleford, Saskatchewan, and fellowshipped around the "latter rain" movement.
Laugh up one's sleeve
  1. be secretly amused or pleased about something.
  1. a person or thing made the object of ridicule.
Lax/Laxed around
  1. Relaxed; careless; indifferent; not busy or active.
Lay down the law
  1. firmly give somebody orders: make the rules known; be strict and firm about the rules.
Lay down your (his) life (for someone/something)
  1. (formal) die for (your country, a cause etc): be extremely loyal to somebody or something.
Lay it on the line
  1. speak the truth plainly: tell someone something in an honest, direct and forceful way.
Lay someone off
  1. dismiss someone temporarily because there is no work.
Lay their life on the line
  1. Put their complete and total trust in someone or something.
Lead someone astray
  1. lead someone the wrong direction: influence someone wrongly.
Lead the way
  1. Go in front of someone in order to show them the way.
  2. be the first to do or develop something: go first and be an example
  1. to spread through, causing a gradual change; a substance such as yeast used to produce fermentation, especially in dough.
  1. A fast of forty days preceding Easter, (excluding Sundays), observed annually by the Anglican, Roman Catholic and other churches. One may choose to abstain from certain habits, (smoking, drinking etc.) or certain foods as a ritual of depriving themselves
Leopard cannot change (clean) his spots, A
  1. a person cannot change his or her basic character once it has been formed.
Let alone
  1. and most certainly not. (follows a negative statement and introduces another negative statement).
Let off steam
  1. to express strong feeling; release pent-up emotion
Let one's hair down
  1. relax, enjoy oneself, have a carefree time after (or before) being formal and correct in behavior.
Let out
  1. To give out; to commence ; to begin ; to make a statement or explanation.
Let someone down
  1. disappoint someone by not doing what was expected; not keep one's promise to someone.
Let the cat out of the bag
  1. To reveal a secret, often unknowingly or unintentionally. To let the truth be known.
Let the chips fall where they may (want to)
  1. speak the truth and let the results be what they will; let things be settled as they will.
Let up
  1. To release ; to let go. Hence, also, a let up, meaning a break, a relief.
Letter, To the
  1. With attention to every detail: exactly.
  1. (French, lever, to rise). An embankment beside a stream to prevent overflow; a steep, natural bank of earth.. (The term has been subsequently extended to all banks used as wharves, like the famous levee of New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.)

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