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A Crow to pick with him
  1. I've got something to straighten out with him; we've got to talk things over. (spoken in a friendly way in this case).
A fighting chance
  1. Not necessarily able to succeed, but at least having the capability to try reasonably; a slight but real chance of succeeding or avoiding something.
A lot of miles
  1. a lot of years of age.
  1. A.D. is the abbreviation for the Latin anno Domini, "in the year of the Lord". It refers to dates in the Christian era and should precede the date (A.D. 2000). B.C. is the abbreviation for "before Christ" and indicates time in the pre- Christian era. It customarily follows the date (44 B.C.)
About face
  1. A sudden change of course or a decision opposite to what was decided earlier.
  2. A military term for marching when the marcher does an instant 180 degree turn and continues marching in the opposite direction
About right
  1. Nearly right.
Above board
  1. honest
  1. a brief history of the ownership of a piece of real estate.
  1. see Carrion
Acid test, The
  1. The ultimate, most severe test that proves the ability, truth, worth etc. of someone.
Acifidity Bag
  1. A small cloth bag containing a mixture of chopped roots and sometimes spices. Worn on a string around the neck, supposedly to ward of flu type viruses and colds; having an extremely strong and disagreeable smell.
  1. the sound producing qualities of an auditorium or room.
Act of faith
  1. an act or a deed that shows unquestioning belief in someone or something.
Act smart
  1. acting in an offensive, conceited manner
  1. A variety of marble, pure white or delicately tinted and translucent; found in Egypt and used to make jars, vases and urns etc.
All at once
  1. 1. In unison; together; at the same time. 2. All of a sudden; instantly.
All drawed up
  1. physically disabled; not having free movement of one's body.
All for it
  1. to be entirely in favour of it; hence, over-keen.
All of a sudden
  1. In a flash, a twinkling of an eye: immediately.
All over the place
  1. Everywhere.
All sails and no anchor
  1. all talk; all emotion but no stability.
All that stuff
  1. all those extra things
All wet
  1. totally wrong; an expression of disbelief in what a person says.
All wind up in
  1. to come to a conclusion; to close; to end.
All wool and a yard wide
  1. Utterly good and honest (person).
  1. permit; 2. to attribute something to.
Allowance your children
  1. To give a fixed daily allowance or "ration" of food.
Ameba or Amoeba
  1. a microscopic, one-celled animal found in stagnant water or as a parasite in other animals; feeds by engulfing bits of food and multiplies by fission.
And he just carried the thing everyway
  1. He had done all he could do. He had said all that he could say.
  1. a near-by building used as an addition to the main building.

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