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Valley Forge
  1. a village in south-eastern Pennsylvania, U.S.A. where Washington and His troops encamped in the winter of 1777-1778.
  1. a corpse that rises from the dead and sucks blood from humans. This is "folklore", or a traditional belief originating in the Slavic countries of Europe.
  1. a person who is vile, worthless or objectionable.
Vast gap
  1. a very large space.
Verge of something, On/to the
  1. at or close to the point of time when something begins; just about to be.
  1. to shake; to tremble; to quiver
Villain of the play/piece, The
  1. (often humorous) a person or thing that is responsible for a certain problem, difficulty, etc. It also refers to the principal evil character in a book, play, etc.
  1. very important
  1. a kind of black witchcraft, in Africa, North America, Haiti and San Domingo, said to be accompanied, in some places, by barbarous rites, and even by human sacrifices.

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