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  1. Simply, to carry or transport. In parts of the Western and the Southern United States, used in sense of transport in packs or packages, as things are carried through the woods or over rough roads. Also, to “pack a box or suitcase, as in “filling it up”.
  2. pack or packed can mean "included in the newspapers or any form of media".
Pack in
  1. To crowd into; to attract a large audience.
Pack it in
  1. To admit defeat. Commonly used when one gives up on something; to relinquish, withdraw, or close one's interest in a business, occupation, friendship, emotional entanglement, problem or plan.
Pack the bodies
  1. Even the godliest of saints has died and been buried.
Packed away
  1. surprised; carried away in thought.
Palo verde
  1. a desert tree growing to approximately 32 feet, with deep roots able to endure long periods of drought, having bright yellow blossoms from March to May. Animals browse and rest in its shade and birds nest in its branches.
Pan out
  1. to have a result, especially a good result; result favorably; succeed.
  1. the wide, flat portion of the horn of a caribou or moose.
  2. a type of motor vehicle.
  3. A group of people, often no more than four, gathered together in a public forum to discuss a certain subject.
  1. a strip of land resembling the handle of a pan, as the northern extension of the State of Texas.
  1. a complete view in every direction.
  1. A child's two-piece garment that buttoned together at the waist.
  2. A person lacking courage or strength; a sissy
  1. In the form of a parable, or expressed by a parable. Using something as a comparison.
  1. small items
Pass the buck
  1. evade responsibility by passing it on to someone else.
  1. One who travels around in order to guard or inspect. In this case, Bro. Branham is referring to the time he worked for the Public Service company, patrolling or inspecting the electrical power lines.
  2. a police officer.
Pave the way (for someone/something)
  1. make the arrival of someone/something easier; prepare for someone/something.
Pay dividends
  1. be advantageous, beneficial or useful at a later date. The profit on a financial investment is referred to as a dividend.
Pay your (last) respects (to someone)
  1. (formal) show respect for someone by attending their funeral.
Peace of mind
  1. freedom from worry, anxiety, guilt, etc.
  1. small or insignificant amount of money; easy; also paid a low income.
Pearly gates, The
  1. (informal) the gates of heaven.
Pedal pushers
  1. knee length trousers for women or girls worn primarily when bicycle riding.
  1. disgusted or irritated
  1. personal
  1. A hospital for isolating people with epidemic diseases. (Bro. Branham likens our physical bodies to such a place).
  1. a request
  1. anything that is extremely unusual; an extraordinary occurance.
  1. fake; false.
  1. Riders at an equestrian or rodeo event, who are standing by and assigned to "pickup" those who have been thrown from their animal.
  1. A pleasure outing at which a meal is eaten outdoors; any pleasant experience.

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