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  1. a story that is not true.
Face lift
  1. plastic surgery to remove wrinkles or sagging skin from the face. In this case, polish or do something to improve the appearance
Fair and square
  1. without cheating; honestly.
  1. anything or anyone not genuine
Fall back into (to)
  1. To give way; withdraw; retreat; recede
  2. return to
Fall for her
  1. to become interested in someone in a romantic way.
Fall out (with someone)
  1. have a disagreement; quarrel; not be on friendly terms with someone.
Falling apart
  1. losing the intended structure, form or condition; collapsing morally and in every way.
Falls City
  1. referring to Louisville, Kentucky, which overlooks the falls of the Ohio River.
Familiar spirit(s)
  1. demon(s) supposed to be in close connection with man.
Fandango / Fandangoed / Fangdangoed
  1. something showy but worthless or useless; a trinket. (also sometimes called a "gew gaw"); to be adorned or dressed with such.
Far be it from me (to do something)
  1. Often used to introduce a criticism or suggestion to a behavior you disagree with or disapprove of. "I never want to do or be that".
  1. hard to believe; questionable
Feather in one's cap
  1. an accomplishment of which one can be proud; prize or award for an achievement; to do something that might make oneself look important or gain approval from one's superiors.
Featherbed around hands
  1. Padded leather gloves worn for boxing
Fed up with someone (on something)
  1. (informal) to have enough of something or someone; to be tired of/bored by something unpleasant or tedious; exasperated with something or someone.
  2. Brother Branham is also using this expression as to mean “feed on (or upon) , that is, “filled up; to take as food; be nourished by; to get satisfaction, support, etc. from”.
Feel blue
  1. feel sad, discouraged, or mildly depressed.
Fellow traveler
  1. a companion on life's road.
Fifth Columnist
  1. any subversive movement within an organizaion or country who give support to the enemy; (said to have been used first by Spanish Nationalist General Mola (1939) referring to the supporters of Francisco Franco in his uprisinhg against the Spanish Republic
Fight it out
  1. to fully combat or dispute, holding back nothing until either there is a victory or a truce is reached.
Fill in his parts
  1. he begins to add, one by one, the necessary figures or scenes in order to arrive at a finished picture.
Fill somebody's shoes
  1. satisfactorily replace someone in a job, function etc; to be able to accomplish the same thing that someone else does.
Fired up
  1. To be excited about something
First hand
  1. To find out about something from the original source. (In the following quote, it's perhaps implying: “direct from God”.)
  1. a sort of picnic, where the fish are caught and cooked on the grounds.
Fit/be like (putting) a glove (on one's hand)
  1. fit perfectly; a situation feels perfect, like it was really meant to be.
Fit/fill the bill/menu
  1. as expected; be suitable; serve the intended purpose.
Fixing to
  1. getting ready to do something.
  1. in the 1920's, a young woman considered bold in actions or dress.
  1. showy, but empty.

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