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Easter bonnets/flowers/pink bunnies
  1. Easter bonnets are hats (usually purchased by the ladies especially for Easter Sunday). Easter flowers were usually the early flowers of Spring; "Pink bunnies" - stuffed toys sold in shops at Easter time. The rabbit, being a symbol of fertility.
Easter Seal
  1. a stamp, having no "postage" value, printed in commemoration of the Easter celebration and sold, the proceeds of which are used for some worthy cause such as "medical research" (eg. Tuberculosis). The Easter "seal" or "stamp" is then used to "seal" the envelope.
Eat in the wrong stall (To)
  1. Refers to the habits of an animal, particularly a horse accustomed to his own stall, that becomes nervous or cautious and hesitates to eat when moved to an unfamiliar place. To be slow or cautious. Study something first before making a decision.
  1. universal; world-wide and refers to the Christian church as a whole. It can also be spelled ścumenical.) Its origin is in the Greek oikoumenikos, meaning “of or from the whole world”. Not until Pope John XXIII called the Vatican Council in 1962 for the furtherance of Christian unity did the word “ecumenical” become part of the language of the man in the street. Ecumenical councils have been part of the history of the Church for centuries, but none had been held for almost one hundred years.
Elbow one's way
  1. shove aside with one's elbow; make one's way by pushing or shoving with the elbow.
Elbow room
  1. enough room to be free in, move about or function in.
Embalming fluid
  1. various chemicals used to preserve a body.
End of my wits
  1. not knowing what to do; at the end of one's resources.
End of one's rope
  1. a point of desperation; inability to continue a function, to lose all patience.
Exactly to the letter
  1. just as He said; just as it is written. Perfectly.
Explain away
  1. make a convincing excuse for; to make anything that God said obsolete through reasoning and explanation.

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