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Tacky button
  1. a thumb tack. (See Bro. Branham's definition).
Take a (one's) chance, To
  1. To try something without knowing the results, to do something and hope for success.
Take care of oneself
  1. be able to make decisions without approval or assistance from others.
Take heart
  1. become confident again; find courage and faith in oneself after a disappointment, failure etc.
Take it easy
  1. To act or go slowly, carefully, and gently.
Take it upon/on yourself to do something
  1. decide to do something without asking anyone for permission; to think that you can do it by yourself.
Take its toll (on someone/something)
  1. cause a high number of unfortunate things, for example deaths, injuries, accidents, bankruptcies; cause a lot of harm or damage.
Take one's time
  1. do something slowly, slow down.
Take sides with (someone, something)
  1. defend or support one person against another.
Take someone at his word
  1. act on the belief that someone will do what he says.
Take someone under one's wings
  1. protect, help, care for or guide someone.
Take someone's name in vain
  1. Talk about someone in a rude or disrespectful way, especially in their absence; use the Name of God disrespectfully, especially by swearing.
Take someone's word for it
  1. believe that what someone is saying is true, even if you don't see it yourself or when there is no proof that what he says is true.
Take something for granted
  1. believe that something is/will be true, will happen, etc without checking to make sure; take or accept something without being thankful for it.
Take something personally
  1. feel personally offended by someone's general remark..
Take the floor
  1. Stand up and speak to an audience.
Take the limit
  1. when in hunting or fishing, the maximum number of animals or fish that can be taken by an individual, as allowed by law. * in this case, it appears that Bro. Branham is referring to the group of men he hunted with, saying that the last man of the group had been converted.
Take the starch out of one
  1. To take the style the stiffness out of one ; to humble.
Take the wind out of someone's sails
  1. Prevent him from saying something either by saying it first or giving information which would make his remark pointless, inappropriate. Put a sudden and surprising end to someone's over- confidence. Leave a person speechless.
Take/hold of one's bootstraps and jump over the moon
  1. (informal. is another form of the expression “pull yourself up by your (own) bootstraps”) improve or regain your previous position by your own efforts, without any help. In this case, it is impossible to save ourselves.
Takes/take the/a Count
  1. In boxing,ten seconds counted to give a boxer who has been knocked down time to rise before he loses the match.
Talked a blue streak
  1. speed as swift as lightening; rapid and incessant language.
Tape hearing
  1. A "hearing" - to be informed of something; to discuss and learn about something.
Tattlers and twisters
  1. Those who tell lies about others or gossip; those who come into the church to spread their own personal doctrine, “twisting” the scriptures.
Tattletale gray
  1. a dull gray colour
  2. more gray than white.
  1. the communication of one mind with another.
Temper copper
  1. to bring to a proper consistency (as by heating and cooling).
  1. One who is a beginner, usually in the ranching or mining businesses, and not yet accustomed to hardships.
Tene tene tekal
  1. Actually "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin" Daniel 5:25
  1. A lodging, or flat, in a house, let out in rooms or flats to families.

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