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I went plumb out of my knowing
  1. " I went completely out of my understanding".
If need be
  1. If necessary.
If you lay down with a dog that's got fleas, you'll get up with fleas too
  1. one will learn to do bad things if he or she associates with bad people.
  1. an uneducated person; someone or something that knows nothing.
In a fix
  1. in a difficult position.
In a fog
  1. confused: uncertain of the facts.
In a month of Sundays
  1. in an indefinitely long period of time.
In a tight spot
  1. in a position where an alternative action is difficult or restricted: in trouble or difficulty.
In cold blood
  1. in a calculated and deliberate way; calmly and without feeling.
In demand
  1. wanted by many people: popular.
In no uncertain terms
  1. without any doubt or argument: clearly and forcefully.
In store
  1. Ready to happen: waiting. Often used in the phrase Have/lay/hold/lie in store. To have something set aside with a specific purpose in mind, for example to be holding something aside in order to give it to someone specific.
In the back of one’s/someone’s mind
  1. a secret/hidden intention/idea/worry in a person’s thoughts only, not told to others.
In the bottoms
  1. lowland close to a river which sometimes would be flooded with water, and when dry, very good, fertile soil remained. People would plant their vegetables in that area.
In the groove
  1. the right place; a fixed routine in the affairs of life.
In the long run
  1. eventually: in the end: when you take everything over a period of time into consideration.
In the red
  1. to be in debt, to owe more money than one has.
  1. See: indoctrinated
  1. indoctrinated
Iron something out
  1. make something right or as it should be; solve/resolve something.
It's an ill wind that blows no good
  1. no good comes from a bad wind.
It's packed
  1. It's crowded
It's six of one and half a dozen of the other
  1. one is the same as the other: (of two people or things) they are equally to blame: there is no difference between them.

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