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  1. the abbreviation of British Columbia, a province of southwestern Canada. (See the other "B.C." under "A.D./B.C.")
Babe in arms
  1. A very young baby not able to walk or crawl.
Baby grand
  1. A smaller version of a full-sized grand piano, approximately 1.53 metres deep. (approximately 5' deep.).
  1. To stay with a child or with children while the parents are away; to be responsible for a child or children in the absence of the parents.
  1. an address or sermon delivered to a graduating class.
Back alley
  1. a place of insignificance; any alley, street, or part of a cheap, disreputable section of a city or town; a slum area; a section of a city or town where vice abounds
Back and forth
  1. Flip flop through something; from one extreme to the other; going from one side back to the other and back again, etc; backwards and forwards.
Back away
  1. to shy away from something; to distance yourself from something; to act to avoid or lessen one's involvement in something; draw or turn back; retreat.
Back number
  1. a person, company etc. that is no longer regarded as important, that no longer has influence or power; no longer of public interest or of personal interest to someone.
  1. have an unexpected and unwelcome result.
  1. something or someone considered good for nothing or unwelcome.
  1. a bar resting on supports, as in a fence; a railing along a stairway.
  1. An outdoor party that features meat with a spicy sauce cooked over an open fire. Also referred to as a "cookout".
Barking at (under) the wrong tree
  1. To be mistaken; be seeking in the wrong direction. (As a dog barking at a tree, supposing there is a racoon there when there is none).
  1. The name of a city in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada.
  1. 1. Odd; foolish; careless and untidy dress; 2. appearing to be mentally unstable.
  2. mentally unstable; crazy
Bawl out, To
  1. to reprimand severely; to yell at someone
Be a big boy/girl now
  1. be old enough to know better; be old or mature enough to be able to make one's own decisions.
Be a natural born something
  1. to be born with the ability to do something; someone who is suited by nature for a particular job or activity.
Be a nut,To
  1. to act crazy.
  2. A person or matter difficult to deal with; a problem.
Be a rat,To
  1. to be a bad person; someone who does mean things to other people; someone who reports something that someone else did and therefore breaks their trust; to be an informer. (Also, "to rat on someone").
Be as easy as pie, To
  1. to be very easy.
Be at the mercy of somebody/something
  1. to be completely dependent on and defenseless against the power, will, etc of somebody/something.
Be beside oneself
  1. Be in a state of extreme agitation.
  2. not aware of one's surroundings
Be down to earth
  1. be approachable; be free from pretensions, vanity, egotism; more real, without hypocrisy.
Be hand in glove with someone
  1. be in a partnership with someone; be very close with someone; be in close co-operation or relationship with someone; be working towards the same aim.
Be hotheaded,To
  1. to get angry very easily.
Be like looking for a needle in a haystack
  1. said when looking for something small or difficult to see in a large number of other things.
Be man enough
  1. have enough courage (to do something).
Be no picnic
  1. (informal) be difficult or unpleasant.

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