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Dance on the bubble
  1. any act or action that seems plausible and good at first but will prove itself to be flimsy and unstable.
Darken the door, to
  1. Not enter the door.
  1. a Negro; a person of the black race.
  1. 1. a social appointment with a person of the opposite sex. 2. An appointment with someone for a set time.
Daylight Saving Time
  1. (abbreviated as DST) Standard time in the U.S. based on the idea of adjusting clocks forward to make better use of summer's daylight hours.
  1. often used to represent a state of utter bewilderment.
  1. the D in D-day stands for “day”, so D-Day literally means “Day-day”. The term was first used in World War I, as the code designation for the Allied offensive at Saint-Mihiel, France. The most important D-day was June 6, 1944, the day Allied forces began their invasion of Western Europe.
Dead earnest
  1. sincere, honest.
Dead language,A
  1. the language of ancient Rome; a language no longer spoken.
Dead letter, A
  1. Having no present value or meaning.
Dead of night,The
  1. the darkest, loneliest part of the night.
  1. to de-sensitize pain through the administration of medicines.
Deaf as a post
  1. quite deaf, or so inattentive as to appear so.
  1. An agreement or transaction of any kind.
Death comes up your sleeve
  1. When death is approaching; when life is leaving your body.
Death's door, To be at
  1. to be at the point, or almost the point, of death.
  1. In general use, especially in the Western States, for a pack of cards. (This word occurs in Hoyle's famous Book of Games, but is now obsolete in England).
  2. A variety of poker, also called “twenty-deck” poker, in which twenty cards are used.
Decoration Day
  1. a public holiday, occurring generally towards the end of May, and set apart for the decoration of the graves of those who fell in the late Civil War. Also called Memorial Day.
  1. to remove the horns from an animal.
  1. a false belief; deception
  1. In New England, the pulpit in a church, and, figuratively, the clerical profession. Thus, when a father intends his son for the church, he speaks of sending him to the desk.
  1. to exchange, to barter, to bargain. It can also mean “to fool with”.
Dime a dozen, A
  1. cheap and easy to obtain
Dinner under his arms
  1. carrying his food in a container under his arm.
Dirty thing
  1. That old dirty pride
  2. An unfair practice or action.
  1. a low couch or sofa, usually without arm rests or back.
Divvy up
  1. to divide.
Do (something) the hard way
  1. by the most difficult or most unpleasant method.
Do someone a favor
  1. do something for someone out of kindness, rather than out of a sense of justice or for remuneration.
Do the right thing
  1. act in a just or morally correct way.

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