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Maginot line
  1. a line of impregnable forts which would forever insure the French against invasion by Germany. It was named after its inventor, André Maginot, minister of war in France (1922-24, 1929-32). However, the Germans invaded through Belgium, leaving the forts intact.
Make a calico dress/silk dress/tuxedo/overalls
  1. will make no difference between rich or poor, or how a believer is dressed.
Make a go of (doing) something
  1. make a success of doing something.
Make a mess
  1. An initial mess necessary to produce something good; to rearrange
  2. Do something wrong or very badly: spoil or mismanage something.
Make a name for oneself
  1. become known (throughout history) for one's accomplishments.
Make a point
  1. to treat as essential or necessary. I'm saying what is important.
Make ends meet,To
  1. to live on what one earns, to earn enough money for daily essentials.
Make it big
  1. be very successful in life, usually implying fame and/or wealth; construct something on a very large or grand scale.
Make merry
  1. celebrate.
Make room for someone
  1. to yield to or make special provision for one of authority: to give up space to another.
Make someone feel at home
  1. help someone feel at ease or comfortable.
Make someone's mouth water
  1. (of food) make someone feel hungry; make someone very eager to do or have something.
Make the grade
  1. to succeed in a test, to reach the highest point and reach one's goal.
Make up your mind
  1. decide.
Making sick calls
  1. visiting the sick.
Mama's boy
  1. a boy or man who is thought to be weak because he is influenced and controlled by his mother.
  1. Spanish for “tomorrow”, but in English it is given a meaning with a time element greater than a single day. Anyone who tells you he'll do something mañana probably told you the same thing yesterday.
Mark (down) my words!
  1. Listen to me ! Note what I say ! Remember later what was said.
Martin to its Box (like a..)
  1. Any of certain birds of the swallow family. (As sure as a bird will go to its nest.)
  1. a secret society, also known as "Freemasons". Also, stone-cutters.
Max Factor
  1. Brand name of a manufacturer of cosmetics.
Mayo Clinic
  1. A medical clinic established by two American surgeons, Charles and William Mayo, in Rochester, New York, U.S.A.
Meal (bread and butter) ticket
  1. a job depended on as a means of livelihood.
  1. low in social status; sinful.
Mean business,To
  1. Be serious or resolute in one's intentions.
Meat flopping
  1. the flesh of his arms, loose and moving back and forth.
Mechanics and dynamics
  1. the machine together with the power to make it operate. Mechanics : the science of machinery, Dynamics :the explosive power
  1. A place of worship of Methodists, Quakers, etc. in Puritan times.
Melting/(molding) pot
  1. a country, place, etc. in which immigrants of various nationalities and races are assimilated.
  1. A spiny tree or shrub

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