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  1. A vitamin dietary supplement fad, peaking in 1951; a patent medicine containing vitamins, minerals and 12% alcohol, claiming to be a cure- all.
Hair in the biscuit
  1. something isn't right. It's a problem.
Hair off the dog's back
  1. from the belief that the bite of a dog could be healed by applying its hair to the wound. Therefore, cure or heal a wrong habit or trait by doing the opposite.
Half baked
  1. Incomplete in action or belief: not well thought out.
Half-mast the flag
  1. the position of a flag lowered about halfway down its pole as a sign of mourning, usually signifying the death of an important or well known person.
Half-rounds and three-quarter rounds
  1. refers to the length of the horns. The full horn of a sheep makes a full curl or "full round".
  1. Something given away after another person has no more use for it; especially used clothing.
Hands are/were tied
  1. have no power in a situation: be unable to act on your feelings; be prevented from doing something: be unable to intervene.
Hands in the pie
  1. interferred; thinking to have a better idea.
Hands off
  1. (informal) Keep your hands off or do not interfere; leave that alone.---Used as a command.
Hang around here
  1. Stay around.
Hang in the balance,To
  1. to be in position where one's destiny could easily go one way or the other: to be in doubt; to be uncertain.
Hang in the destination of time
  1. See: Hang in the balance.
Hang on every word/on someone's words
  1. hold on to what someone says with great Faith, belief or attention.
  1. Feeling of nausea or sickness as a result of drinking too much.
Happy hunting ground, A
  1. (humorous) a very good place to find what you want after death; a kind of “heaven”.
Hard of hearing
  1. partly deaf: unable to hear well.
Have (get) a chip on your shoulder
  1. Bear a grudge towards someone because of something that happened in the past: be aggressive or too sensitive because you believe that people treat you unfairly.
Have a field day
  1. be full of advantage or opportunity: to have great success at something; be extremely pleased by a special occasion: be able to really enjoy oneself and be free.
Have come a long way
  1. have progressed and achieved a lot.
Have something to crow about,To
  1. to have something to be proud of or to have something in which one takes pleasure or satisfaction.
Have/get one's own way
  1. to do as one pleases: to do things according to one's own will.
Haven't (got) the (a) nerve (to do something)
  1. not bold enough.
  1. to destroy; tear apart.
  1. the name of a street in London, England.
He had it coming to him
  1. "as though he deserved it" or "as though he was worthy of it"
He knows better than that/you know better/you should know better/know different;
  1. He (she, you, they) know what is right
He raised up in Paris
  1. the Devil set up his headquarters there.
Head it up
  1. to give it a title; to begin with the subject.
Head over heels
  1. head first: upside down: in a somersault, completely; deeply; totally.

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