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Heard through the grapevine
  1. A secret means of spreading or receiving information. Information that is not received from the original source.
Heart in one's mouth
  1. filled with fear.
Heart is in one's mouth, One's
  1. one suddenly feels very nervous or frightened in case something does or does not happen as one expects: feeling very emotional.
Heart of stone
  1. a person devoid of feeling or compassion.
Heart to heart talk, A
  1. an intimate conversation
Heeler, A
  1. a political follower of low character ; one who follows at the heels of his leader.
Hell is paved with good intentions, The road to
  1. good intentions do not secure good results; good intentions don't always lead to good actions.
Help (someone) out
  1. give assistance to someone: provide help.
Helping hand, A
  1. help (usually means when a person is offering or giving help to someone).
Here we go again
  1. try again. Repeat an action.
Hewing Rock/Line
  1. or, hew or cut to the exact line To be precise, following directions..
  1. The time of greatest health, vigor, beauty, prosperity; the best period or stage of a person or thing; the time of greatest excellence.
  1. Just as Bro. Branham describes it - "a little drop in the chain", "a gap". In the dictionary reference: a coupling or connection
High brow, A
  1. a person aggressively intellectual or supposedly so.
High Church
  1. The group in the Anglican Church that exalts the authority of the church and emphasizes the value of ritual.
High horse, To ride the
  1. to be arrogant.
High Seas, The
  1. the ocean waters outside the jurisdiction of any country. (The expression, "like a bunch of sailors on a high sea" refers to someone having a good time with very little restraint.)
Highways and byways
  1. (on/along) all the roads, large and small, of a country, area, etc.
Hill of beans
  1. a very small amount; very little; a trifle. (even a small amount).
Hit all the things
  1. cover the entire subject; get everything that is in the subject.
Hit and miss
  1. sometimes you win, sometimes you lose: not accurate: inexact, random.
Hit home
  1. to drive down a point; to make an impact.
Hit it off (with sb)
  1. informal quickly form or have a good relationship with someone; to enjoy one another's company: be happy and comfortable in each other's presence.
Hit on 16 cylinders
  1. referring to a cylinder in an internal combustion engine. Using the full capacity of all cylinders.
Hit the bull's eye
  1. to aim at the center of a target with a weapon; be completely correct; identify or solve a problem exactly: doing things correctly.
Hit the high spots
  1. Briefly considering or mentioning only the more important or significant parts of something.
Hit the nail on the head
  1. say or do something which is exactly right; provide a true explanation: get something exactly right; to speak or act in the most appropriate way.
Hit the road
  1. Start a road journey: drive off: start off
  2. Go out of control.
Hit the sawdust trail
  1. "come to the altar" or "go to the altar". Refers to tent meetings where sawdust was spread on the bare ground inside the tent.
Hit/strike home
  1. hit the intended target.
  2. really understand something.

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