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Kangaroo court
  1. an unofficial or mock court or trial.
Keep (your, our) chin up
  1. stay cheerful, don't be discouraged in difficult circumstances.
Keep the crosshairs dead centre
  1. to aim precisely and accurately at something. (see "cross hairs"). Crossed lines mounted on the lens of a telescopic gun sight to assist in precise aiming.
Keep up with the Joneses
  1. wanting to have the same things everyone else has; compete with one's neighbours and friends in material standards: want to possess the same material goods as others.
Keep your coats (shirt) on, To
  1. Be calm or patient.
Keep your nose out of something
  1. not interfere in something that does not concern you.
Keyed up
  1. Excited, nervous.
  1. The uppermost and last-set stone of an arch that locks, which completes it and locks its members together.
  2. Figuratively, the fundamental element, as of a science or doctrine.
Kick up a fuss/row (about something)
  1. (informal) create or cause trouble, an unpleasant argument etc.
Kicking them around
  1. criticizing them; finding fault with them.
Kid gloves, Treat/Handle someone with
  1. to treat someone with care, gently, so as not to hurt his feelings or give offence.
Kid stuff
  1. Anything childish or immature; that which presents no challenge to or interest for an intelligent adult.
  1. a gloomy person ; one whose actions or remarks deprive others of pleasure; a pessimist.
  1. Broken wood used for lighting fires.
Kinky manicures
  1. to make hair curl by the use of chemical solution.
Kiwanis Club
  1. A chain of clubs of businessmen in the United States and Canada,having the slogan, "service".
Knee high to a (mosquito, bumble-bee, toad, splinter, grasshopper, hoptoad, frog, duck)
  1. Very small, very short. A phrase often used in speaking of a person whom one has known from infancy.
  1. Knickerbocker pants: Wide short pants gathered below the knee.
  1. hilly
Knock it off
  1. literally to remove something by hitting it or striking it. It also means an order, command, or entreaty to stop doing something immediately, especially talking or joking.
Know better (than to do something)
  1. be more sensible, wiser, older or more mature.
Know different
  1. informal. To be wiser: to know better.
Know something inside out/backwards
  1. be very knowledgeable about something.
Know the score
  1. (informal) Know what the true situation is, especially if it's a bad one; to assess the situation or the state of affairs correctly.
Knuck right down
  1. surrender to it; give in to something.
  1. Hebrew word for "proper". Clean or fit to eat according to the dietary laws of the Jewish faith. Kosher bread: unleavened; that is, no yeast used in preparation for the Passover supper or communion.
Kriss Kringle
  1. (Ger. Christ-kindel, the Child-Christ). A sadly mutilated form, for the Child Christ, on whom children are wont to rely for their gifts under the Christmas-tree.
Ku Klux Klan
  1. a secret society of white men founded in the Southern States to maintain white supremacy. They are anti-Negro, anti Semitic etc. and identified by their white robes and head coverings.

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