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Caesar (requires)
  1. the authorities require; the law requires.
Call girls
  1. Prostitutes. Especially those who can be engaged by telephone.
Call someone collect
  1. to telephone someone and the cost of the call is charged to the person you phone.
Calm down
  1. become quiet or peaceful; regain composure.
Canadian tam
  1. Tam-O-shanter; a Scottish cap with a tight headband and a full, flat top, sometimes with a pompom or tassel.
Candy Striper (s)
  1. Refers to the pink and white striped uniform worn by young girls who do volunteer work in a hospital. Hence, a "candy striper."
Cannon fodder
  1. Soldiers, sailors etc. thought of as being expended or worth sacrificing, (killed or maimed), in war
Can't hear yourself think
  1. there is so much noise around you that you cannot concentrate.
Can't help it
  1. not be able to avoid or resist doing something.
Cap/top/crown it all
  1. in addition to all the things already mentioned; put the finishing touch.
  1. that part of an animal's hide that covers the shoulder and chest.
Carbon Knock
  1. The noise produced in machinery or in engines when the operating parts are defective; specifically, in an internal-combustion engine, the metallic explosive sounds due to uneven or improperly timed combustion.
  1. decaying, rotten flesh.
Cat in Molasses
  1. very slowly.(like a cat walking in a sticky substance).
Cat o' nine tails
  1. a nine-thonged whip used to administer punishment to misbehaving sailors. It got its name from the fact that the welts left on a sailor's back after whipping looked a bit like enormous cat scratches.
  1. to hold on in any possible way; seize and hold
  1. following;listening to and following what others say and do.
  1. a large or important church containing the place or "seat" of authority.
  2. a shrine: a place considered especially sacred because of its history or association with some event considered to be supernatural.
  3. In the following quotes the term "cathedral" refers to "the place of the revelation of the Word".
Caty corner
  1. across the centre of an intersection or any square area, from corner to corner
  1. leather trousers or leggings worn over ordinary trousers by cowboys to protect their legs; Chap: a man or boy
Chapter, The
  1. A local division of a club or similar organization.
  1. a small ornament worn to insure good fortune or to protect from evil.
  2. Beauty; to influence the senses; to cause delight.
  1. the original document; a document granting special rights or privileges.
Chaw up
  1. to chew; to wear down by irritation; to utterly demolish or defeat.
  1. will be like "Chester", a television personality with a stiff leg.
Chicken, chicken-hearted
  1. Cowardly, easily scared
Chills and fever
  1. a scary sensation or feeling. Originally, this expression was commonly used, in malarial sections, for fever and ague.
  1. the Chinese quarter, in a city. From the celebrated Chinatown of San Francisco.
Chip off the old block
  1. a person who is very like one of her/his parents in appearance or character.
  1. a wood-cutting yard, a yard in which logs are chopped for fuel.

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