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Chomped up
  1. chewed up; ate up
Chorus girl
  1. a woman (or man) singing and/or dancing in a worldly musical performance.
  1. those who record an account of events in the order of their occurance.
Church house
  1. a meeting house, or building used for religious services.
City of Brotherly love
  1. the city of Philadelphia, U.S.A. from the two Greek roots (philos,love; adelphos, brother) forming its name.
  1. tending to associate closely, to the exclusion of others.
  2. belonging to a family group; a tribe descending from a common ancestor.
  1. an overlapping wood board on the roof of a house.
Clean slate
  1. A new start, with no record of past mistakes; an empty record.
Clear as a bell, As
  1. Easily and clearly heard or understood; as clear as it could possibly be.
Clear your (one's) throat
  1. Cough slightly, especially before speaking or to attract somebody's attention.
  1. pieces from red hot iron broken off by blows of a hammer; the stony fused mass of impurities left from a burning substance such as coal in a furnace.
  1. a small circle of people.
  1. inseparable bond of friendship, relationship, partnership, or association with; closely joined together by ties of love, friendship, or common interest; close.
Clothes line religion
  1. a religion that places emphasis mainly on the manner in which people dress.
  1. entertain; to act foolishly
  1. An American Indian Chief of the Apache Tribe
  1. a plant with a prickly seed case. (put a cockleburr under the saddle).
Comb every hair
  1. search thoroughly.
  1. the battle; to fight; to fight against.
  1. a machine for harvesting grain or wheat
Come clean
  1. admit the truth; confess one's guilt; be proven innocent; be checked out and found to be acceptable, having no guilt.
Come in handy
  1. may prove to be useful.
Come of age
  1. become adult in law, i.e. reach the age of responsibility (18 or 21 years of age).
Come to a head
  1. reach a crisis (e.g. trouble, a problem, difficulties). Become apparent.
Come to light
  1. become known, be revealed.
Come to the rescue
  1. help someone desperately in need, especially in an emergency situation.
  1. 1.a tract of open public land. 2.the lower House of Parliament in Great Britain or Canada.
  1. a mixture of miscellaneous things.
  1. The portions of a message connected to the passage of scripture.
Coon dog
  1. a dog used to hunt raccoons.(Bro. Branham earned money for schooling, clothing etc. from the sale of the raccoons he hunted).

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