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  1. Term used to describe an object, especially a small mechanical device for which the speaker cannot remember the name.
  1. joke.
  1. something unpleasant that causes one to retch, (an involuntary effort to vomit), or choke.
Galley / Gallery
  1. 1. Galley: a ship's kitchen. 2. Gallery: a platform from which spectators may view an event as in an arena or theatre. 3. a long, narrow room specifically used for shooting at targets.
Game trail
  1. A trail, track or path made by the continual passing of wild animals.
Game Warden
  1. A person, in a supervisory position, a custodian, who keeps charge of wild animals.
  1. a place for storing grain
  1. to decorate
  1. Short for “gasoline” or petrol.
Gasoline feet
  1. a gas-powered vehicle.
Gastronomics are swelling
  1. stomach and intestines are swelling
  1. the elements by which hereditary characters are transmitted.
  1. given the power to grow
  1. American Indian Chief of the Apache Tribe. 1829- 1909
Get a hold of oneself
  1. get control of oneself: regain composure.
Get a raw deal
  1. be treated unfairly.
Get along
  1. live or work together in a friendly way.
Get cold feet
  1. stop or withdraw from something (e.g. a plan) because one becomes afraid of the consequences.
Get even (with someone), To
  1. To take revenge (on someone); pay someone back for some harm he has done.
Get fresh
  1. to be flirtatious
Get hold of, To
  1. To get possession of. To find a person in order to speak to him.
Get moving
  1. start doing something.
Get next to yourself
  1. to recover in an emotional way. Come to your right senses. Think clearly.
Get one's wires crossed
  1. to misunderstand or be confused about something.
Get out of the/one's way
  1. move: leave: stop interfering or obstructing.
Get someone wrong
  1. misunderstand someone's reasons for doing or saying something.
Get something straight
  1. make a matter or situation clear to someone: clear up a misunderstanding.
Get something/it wrong
  1. fail to say or read something correctly; be mistaken about the facts of something: fail to understand the situation
Get the hang of something
  1. learn or begin to understand how to do, use, etc.
Get the picture, To
  1. to understand.

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