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Get the/someone's point
  1. understand what someone wishes to express; understand someone's purpose in saying something: understand what a story is saying.
Get to/reach/make first base (with something)
  1. (informal) get to the first step; reach or complete the first important stage of a plan or project.
Get/be on the beam
  1. to line up: to be just right: to be on the right path: to be good or correct.
Get/gain the upper hand
  1. win an advantage over something/someone, thus gaining a position of power.
Get/have something off one's chest
  1. freedom from a burden: say something that one has wanted to say for some time but was reluctant to, and has kept it to himself.
Get/put your foot in your mouth
  1. to speak in a manner that brings self-embarrassment; to make oneself look foolish.
Get/take a ringside position
  1. (informal) be in a very good position to see something happen.
Get/with one's tail between one's legs
  1. be humbled: to retreat in defeat and humiliation; in a humble, depressed or sad manner (like a dog after it has been disciplined).
  1. a secret device or hidden trick to deceive someone.
  1. A female friend or companion.
  2. a boy’s steady girl: a sweetheart.
Give (someone/get) a dirty look
  1. look at someone/be looked at in an angry, or a disapproving way.
Give a cow (somebody) enough rope (and it/she'll/he'll hang itself/herself/himself)
  1. deliberately give somebody enough freedom for them to make a mistake and get into trouble.
Give somebody your undivided attention
  1. give somebody all of one's attention.
Give someone a fair chance
  1. to let someone have an equal opportunity: to let someone have a turn to do something; to treat someone the same as everyone else; let everyone get a chance.
Give someone a piece of one's mind
  1. angrily tell someone exactly what one thinks.
Give someone a ring
  1. to telephone someone.
Give someone the shirt off one's back
  1. do whatever is necessary to help someone.
Give the benefit of the doubt
  1. To favor someone positively rather than negatively when either is possible. In other words, to believe that someone is innocent rather than guilty when you are not sure due to a lack of sufficient evidence.
Give the lie to something
  1. to uncover a falsehood and expose it.
Give up
  1. stop trying: surrender.
Give up the ghost
  1. to die
  2. To stop going.
Give/hand something to someone on a silver platter
  1. to give a person a reward that has not been earned.
Giving (turning) the cold shoulder
  1. Ignoring someone.
  1. To be unpleasantly brilliant.
  1. Viewed an object through binoculars.
Go (and) jump in the/a river/lake
  1. leave me alone, you are annoying me. A very direct way to tell someone who is annoying you to go away or stop doing something.
Go broke
  1. to have a zero balance, no money: to lose all one's money; especially by taking a chance: to owe more than you can pay.
Go crazy
  1. to lose one's right frame of mind: be unable to control oneself: to become obsessed with; to overdo something, or go overboard.
Go haywire
  1. stop functioning properly: become confused or out of control.
Go it alone
  1. work or be alone: do something in isolation.

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