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Go to pieces
  1. deteriorate (e.g. one's health or state of mind); lose one's self-control.
Go to the dogs
  1. (informal) to decline morally and/or spiritually: to deteriorate. (It's often used of a company, organization, country, etc that becomes less powerful, efficient, etc than before).
Go with/float with/against the tide/current
  1. take the easier path, do what the majority is doing.
Go/be/ through the mill
  1. to go through hard times.
God forbid!
  1. may God prevent it from ever happening. (A phrase expressing the desire that God would forbid the situation that the speaker has just mentioned from ever happening).
God will help those who help themselves
  1. people use it to say that one must put in his own efforts and try, in order to accomplish something). (It was first written by Jean de La Fontaine, a French poet and writer of fables in the seventeenth century. When a political society was formed in 1824 with the purpose of encouraging the middle classes to resist the government, “Aide-toi et le Ciel t'aidera” was adopted as its slogan.)
Goes in the wheel for a Mother
  1. a mother experiences the good and the bad with her children
Golden age (of something)
  1. the period during which something is best, happiest, precious or most prosperous.
Golden Gloves
  1. An amateur boxing tournament in which each weight division winner received a small golden glove as an award.
Golden rule
  1. the precept that one should behave toward others as he would want them to behave toward him. See Matthew 7:12.
Good riddance!
  1. said to show relief when one gets rid of an unpleasant person or something unwanted, or when one completes a tiresome job of work etc.
  1. fabric for sewing clothing.
Goose-neck hoe
  1. a garden tool with a curved handle.
Got up on the wrong side of the bed
  1. To be irritable, be bad-tempered or in a bad mood all day.
  1. delicate; pleasant in movement.
  2. full of kindness
Grass roots
  1. basic fundamentals of belief; originating among or carried on by the common people.
Grin and bear it
  1. suffer something unpleasant with optimism, patience, because one cannot change it.
  1. complain
  1. reached out; tried to find the way
  1. Great: thick; much, abundant.
Growing pains
  1. Pains caused by changes in children's bodies as they grow.
  2. Troubles when something new is beginning or growing.
Guinea pig
  1. someone or something that is used in an experiment.
Gum up
  1. To cause not to work, or ruin by sealing up; spoil; make something go wrong.
Gun Barrel straight
  1. Completely honest and unmoveable concerning what is true and right.

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