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Ugly duckling
  1. an unattractive or uninteresting child who develops into a very attractive or interesting adult. One who does not fit in with others. Taken from the children's story of "The Ugly Duckling".
Under someone's thumb, Be
  1. informal (be) completely controlled or influenced by another person.
Under the sun
  1. (used with a superlative for emphasis) anywhere in the world.
Under the weather
  1. unwell; ill; sick.
  1. 1. a layer of paint applied to a surface before the final coat of paint is applied. 2. a garment worn under a top garment.
  1. The confederacy of States known as the United States of America.
Upper crust, The
  1. the aristocracy, the highest social classes; high social standing.
  2. “burnt into a crust” - destroyed.
Ups and downs
  1. good and bad moments, happiness and sadness etc.
Upset the applecart, To
  1. To ruin one's plans. To offend someone by not aggreeing with their ideas.

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