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Walk on air
  1. be in a state of euphoria; feel extremely happy, usually after receiving some particular good news.
Wall street
  1. The financial centre of the United States. The name of Wall Street, in New York city, which dates back to 1653, is derived from the wall or the fence erected at that time by the Dutch to protect themselves against the inroads of the Indians.
  1. a man or woman at a party who remains sitting or standing by the wall for want of a partner. One who is out of place. A misfit.
Warm up to someone
  1. become more intimate and attached to someone; get closer to someone.
Warps around her
  1. marks on her from being disciplined with the belt.
Wash woman
  1. a woman whose work is washing clothes, especially for hire.
Watch Night
  1. Usually December 31st. A "watch night service" is one where people gather to "watch' for the first minute of a New Year, expressing thankfulness for past blessings and anticipating God's leadership for the new year.
Water has passed, etc under the bridge (since then), A lot of
  1. it's a long time ago; a lot of things have happened (since then) and the situation is different now.
  1. refers to an arrangement of a women's hair so that it makes her head look bigger than normal.
  2. a medical condition of infancy, characterized by an abnormal amount of fluid in the brain, causing enlargement of the head and wasting away of the brain.
Wave sheaf
  1. Leviticus 23: 10-11 a bundle of the first ripened wheat of the harvest.
We got some a stinger
  1. this comment might sting or hurt a little.
Wear and tear
  1. damage or loss of quality because of normal use.
Weather vane
  1. a flag or flat piece of metal set up high to show which direction the wind is blowing
Weather/ride (out) the storm
  1. manage to survive a difficult period or situation.
  1. an American lexicographer who compiled an international dictionary.
Weigh every word
  1. to consider carefully before speaking.
Welcome mat
  1. A mat for wiping your shoes on, often with the word “welcome” on it, that is placed in front of a door.
  2. a warm welcome: a friendly greeting.
Went to the bench
  1. also, "sworn to the bench"; the act or ceremony of being received into the position of a judge; "the bench" - the Judge's seat in court; a single judge may be called "the bench" or a group of judges may be called "the bench".
Wet Nurse / Mother
  1. a women hired to suckle another's child
When it rains, it pours ( It never rains but it pours)
  1. Sometimes good or bad things happen to us in abundance.
When the chips are down
  1. When the situation is at its worst.
Where my rifle was shot in
  1. where the rifle was tested by firing to see if it was true on the target.
Where there's smoke, there's fire
  1. When there is evidence of a problem, there probably is a problem.
  1. an impertinent young person. Also, whippersnapper (Originally, a whip Snapper was a cheeky chap who has nothing better to do than stand around snapping whips).
Whirl, Be in a
  1. mind filled with many things at one time; so preoccupied.
  2. To move rapidly in a circular manner as in an orbit; circle swiftly.
  1. a short visit to different places, (for example the ones made by a politician during an election campaign, during the time when such trips were made by train).
White as a sheet (ghost), As
  1. very pale because of fear, shock, illness etc. Usually with be/go/turn/look.
White Christmas
  1. When the ground is covered with snow during the Christmas season.
White lie, (A little)
  1. a lie which seems to do no harm and is more polite than the truth, usually told to spare someone's feelings or for convenience.
Whited walls
  1. literally walls that have been painted with a lime mixture to make them white. The expression "whited walls" refers to something or someone that has been given the appearance to conceal faults, defects or falsehoods.

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