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Who wouldn't have it
  1. To the utmost; with zeal; heartily; to the greatest extent.
  1. Wild merrymaking, excitement, exultation. Often in "making whoopee."
  2. an expression of great excitement.
Whoop-up; (whooped-up)
  1. to create a noisy disturbance, as in celebration.
Wiggle, To
  1. to move any part of the body rapidly from side to side ; to wriggle.
  1. the name of a popular Rock Band in the southern United States in the 1950's and 1960's
  1. The name of a fast food establishment selling hamburgers; taken from "Wimpy", a character in the comic strip "Popeye the sailor".
  1. Also called"wind-lass". 1. An apparatus operated by hand or machine, for hauling or lifting, consisting of a drum or cylinder upon which is wound the rope, cable or chain which is attached to the object to be lifted. To "windle" is to lift or haul something.
  2. To "windle" or more correctly to "dwindle". To lose strength; become smaller; to waste away; to shrink
Winds, To be scattered to the four
  1. to be absolutely irrecoverable; Israel - scattered to every corner of the world.
Wiped out
  1. destroyed.
  1. diluted; lacking in consistence or vigor.
With open arms
  1. willingly, with enthusiasm. Usually welcome/receive/accept something
With your nose in the air
  1. (used for showing disappoval) looking and feeling very superior to other people; disdaining others.
  1. weakening; wrinkling.
Wolf in sheep's clothing,A
  1. something or someone evil diguised as something or someone good.
Won't give an inch
  1. to refuse to compromise: to not back down: to keep original position.
Word for word
  1. exactly, literally, using all the words.
Worked up
  1. nervous or anxious.
World without end
  1. Endlessly; forever; eternity.
Worm-weeded in/wormed
  1. to move in, or proceed in a winding, creeping or devious manner
Wrangling (a-wrangling)
  1. Herd or round up horses or cattle
  2. To argue, dispute or quarrel noisely
Wrapped up
  1. completely covered in: folded up; enclosed.
  2. wrapped up: involved with; in love with
Writing on the wall,The
  1. Without mistake; in plain view.
  2. An event or indication which points to impending dangers, misfortune or difficulty; a warning of bad things to come.

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