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  1. a small bottle for carrying liquor or other liquids.
Flat refusal, A
  1. an absolute, definite refusal.
  1. a brush-like haircut, flat on top.
Flesh on both ends of the line
  1. probably the one who prophesied and the one who interpreted the prophesy were both "in the flesh", not "in the Spirit".
Flighty, To be
  1. to be frivolous; unstable, restless.
  1. A low,flat, decorated vehicle for carrying exhibits in a parade.
  1. To fail an exam or course.
  1. a manservant who serves or assists someone.
Fly in the ointment, A
  1. a hindrance; a difficulty or something unpleasant which prevents or spoils total satisfaction or enjoyment.
Fly loose
  1. acting before thinking or considering the situation.
Fly off the handle,To
  1. to become angry with someone; lose one's temper suddenly.
  1. untrustworthy; Something that is not operationally sound.
For fun
  1. for amusement, not being serious.
For good
  1. for ever, permanently.
For the asking
  1. by asking; by asking for it; on request.
For the birds
  1. undesirable; of small worth
  1. A shallow place in a stream, river etc. that can be crossed by walking, riding on horseback or in an automobile. To "ford" is to cross by any of these methods.
Four on one side and five on the other
  1. lopsided; a man - but acting like a woman.
  1. As in a card game (Poker), to pretend, or bluff.
  1. structure of the body or the structure of a house; any structure that holds things together.
  1. intentional deception or trickery to cause a person to give up property or some lawful right. Or, "this man is a "fraud" - a person who deceives.
  1. a railway car for carrying merchandise. In England, a goods van.
  1. a railway train, for the carrying of merchandise. In England, a goods train. Or, like something that is long running; with considerable endurance.
  1. Short form of San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
From A to Z
  1. completely and thoroughly. From the first letter of the alphabet to the last.
From door to door
  1. From one house, flat, etc to the next.
From pillar to post
  1. in several different directions, gotten out of control and skittering about hither and yon.
Fur fly, To make the
  1. To breed a disturbance; to make a display of temper; to proceed to blows, etc. There will be an angry response.

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