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Piece by piece
  1. each piece one against another (Scriptural reference: Gen. 15: 9-10)
Piece of crock
  1. earthenware; pottery
  1. sitting or being carried on the shoulders.
  1. a column or support extending a short distance from a wall.
Pin this down
  1. to get a person to commit himself as to his opinion.
  2. to secure or fasten firmly.
Pinch hit
  1. substitute for someone; take their place. (in baseball, to bat in place of the regular player).
Pinched on the bill
  1. Pinched together on the peak or visor of a cap.
Pink tea
  1. a women's social gathering where tea is served and the refreshments are especially dainty.
Pipe dream
  1. any wish, plan, or groundless hope as fantastically impossible as an illusion caused by smoking a narcotic drug. A daydream. In this case, a) those who smoke opium. b) “not a pipe dream” meaning “not an illusion”.
Pitch in
  1. contribute to a common cause; join with others in getting something done.
  1. braided; woven together
  1. a farm or estate of many acres in the southern United States, planted in cotton, tobacco, rice or sugarcane, formerly worked by slave labour.
Play a cat-and- mouse game, (play cat and mouse with someone)
  1. keep someone in suspense and uncertainty, play with someone's feelings.
Play fair
  1. abide by the rules; treat others fairly; behave fairly in a situation.
Play hooky
  1. To stay out of school to play or work. To be absent without permission.
Play up a great big thing
  1. to make a big deal out of something or an event.
Played out
  1. tired out; worn out; finished; exhausted.
  1. farmer
Pluck up
  1. To have (courage) by your own effort; make yourself have (courage).
  1. often used as an adjective, with the meaning of quite, exactly, directly or completely in which case it is an Old English survival.
Plumb out of cater
  1. completely out of line; completely misunderstood; interpreted wrongly.
Plumb over the top of their head and plumb under the rest of them
  1. completely out of the understanding of both.
Plumb up to our ears
  1. completely; all the way.
  1. a general term for a purse.
Point blank
  1. direct, without disguise. A gunnery metaphor.
Polish hubs
  1. polish the hubcaps of a vehicle; make something look good.
Poor as Job's turkey
  1. very poor
Pop up
  1. To appear suddenly or unexpectedly; show up; come out. In this case, to “hop up and down the road”.
  1. a large tree, bearing tulip-shaped flowers. Also called tulip tree, or whitewood.; trees and bushes of the willow family, widely distributed in the northern hemisphere
Posterior protoplasm stimulation
  1. To discipline by slapping on the buttocks; a spanking.

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